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The No Surprises Act protects you from balance billing if you get treated by an out-of-network provider from an in-network hospital or emergency room. Balance billing happens when an out-of-network provider charges you the difference between the total cost of your care and what your health plan agreed to pay.

The No Surprises Act is designed to ensure that you aren’t balance billed if you receive care under these circumstances. It protects you from paying extra when the circumstances are beyond your control.

You should still use network providers whenever possible. Visit Aetna’s website to find a list of network providers near you (see below).

If you believe that you’ve been wrongly billed, contact the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) at 866-444-3272 or through their website.

The above summary is not a complete description of your rights under the No Surprises Act. For more detailed information about the No Surprises Act, read this notice.

Health Benefits

You can find more information about the No Surprises Act on the Aetna website.

The federal regulations require health plans and insurance carriers to disclose pricing information for certain items and services. The required information includes negotiated rates with in-network providers, as well as provider charges and amounts previously paid to out-of-network providers. The regulations require the information to be updated monthly. The information is contained in machine-readable files. These files can be opened in a spreadsheet program like Excel. They are huge files and not easy to use for the average person. Aetna is responsible for the information in the files and for keeping them up to date. To access the files, you can visit the Aetna website.

For more information or to find a provider, visit the Aetna website or call 888-98-AETNA (888-982-3862). Remember that you need to create and account and log in on the Aetna website to be able to access your information.

Prescription Drug Benefits

For more information or to find a network pharmacy, visit the OptumRx website or call (866) 328-2005. Remember that you need to create and account and log in on the OptumRx website to be able to access your information.

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